Bifröst (CD)




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    Top 10 Innovative Jazz Releases of 2009
    For the past 20 years or so, excellent guitarists have been plentiful in Chicago, and Moulder ranks high among them. On "Bifrost," he offers some of the most profound work of his career, alternating vastly scaled tone poems with exquisitely delicate, spiritual pieces. His work only deepens with time.
    -Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

    Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune   

    Chicago, IL   


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John Moulder: Electric guitars, 12 string & 6 string acoustic guitars
Bendik Hofseth: Tenor Saxophone
Arild Andersen: Double-bass
Paul Wertico: Drums and percussion
Brian Peters: Electric Fretless Bass, programming


Produced by: Brian Peters & John Moulder
Recorded by: Brian Peters, Jan 2005, Chicago, IL
Additional recording by: Reidar Skor at 7 Etage, Oslo, Norway, Sep 2005
Mixed by: Brian Peters, Apr 2009
Mastered by: Danny Leake & Brian Peters
Cover photography by: Forest Woodward
Design and layout by: John Bishop