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    Top 10 Innovative Jazz Releases of 2009
    For the past 20 years or so, excellent guitarists have been plentiful in Chicago, and Moulder ranks high among them. On "Bifrost," he offers some of the most profound work of his career, alternating vastly scaled tone poems with exquisitely delicate, spiritual pieces. His work only deepens with time.
    -Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

    Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune   

    Chicago, IL   


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    John Moulder of Chicago spent five years composing the material for his album Trinity. It's an epic three-part program inspired by religious belief, but it can be appreciated on any number of levels. The sound of the recording is tremendous, as are the performances...Moulder impresses with his harmonic imagination and sheer ambition. The orchestrations are varied and fine-grained, not to mention expertly produced by Moulder and Brad these ears it is probing and kaleidoscopic.
    -David Adler, Jazz Times

    David Adler, Jazz Times   


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    New York City may be where jazz musicians go to seek stardom, but Chicago is no Second City for those looking to work. That lesson's clear to guitarist John Moulder, who teaches at nearby Northwestern University (where he earned a master's in music) and has crafted a 20-year recording career, culminating in the banner work on "The Eleventh Hour: Live at the Green Mill.".... a deft, broad-shouldered performance that matches anything the Big Apple has to offer.
    -Bill Meredith, Jazziz Magazine

    Bill Meredith, Jazziz Magazine   


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