Teaching Philosophy


After 30 years of private teaching and 15 years of university teaching, I have come to appreciate that each student brings their unique self with musical strengths and areas for growth, as well as their own goals which shape the direction that our lessons take. I continue to evolve as a player, and a teacher and share that with my students.

While I seek to share aspects I believe are essential for developing musicians, I also work to tailor my approach to the specific needs of the student. I have had students from beginners to working professionals, of all different backgrounds and abilities, and feel energized to teach each of them and find inroads to their development as a musician and as a guitarist.

There are many online videos and learning tools to assist the developing musician today which provide different approaches to guitar and musical perspectives that are beneficial. However it is also my experience that it is the rare student who flourishes on that alone. A teaching relationship with someone who has both a depth and breadth of musical background who tracks the student’s progress, and who can affirm and challenge the student in constructive ways is an essential component in a student’s musical growth. I seek to provide this in a climate of support and acceptance for each of my students.